The following statements are based on a weekly study, students were asked to document how much time was spent during the week conducting activities. The two areas of focus in this data visualisation will look into time spent sleep and conducting university related activities. University attendance and study times are based on students with a full-time university workload a 40 credit point semester.



49 to 64 Hours per week

7 to 9 Hours per day


40 Hours per week

5.7 Hours per day

A survey in the United States covered by Washington Post states college students miss the study goal by half.

So just how much time does the our class spend?

Class Total Hours


As a class of 35 students in one week we slept a total of 2054 hours and 898 hours for university which totals 2952 hours for these two categories alone.

Total Hours in a week 5880 hours for the whole class, 2952 is spent sleeping and university


Activities spent overtime

August 17 Wednesday


August 18 Thursday


August 19 Friday


August 20 Saturday


August 21 Sunday


August 22 Monday


August 23 Tuesday


As a class our sleeping pattern is quite consistent 9am to 10am is a peak time for most to get up in the morning. Going to bed is a similar story peaking at 9pm with Saturday moving to 10pm. University attendance and study peak the moment we get up in the morning. Study times start persistent throughout the day until it is time for bed.

How do we individually spend our time?

Weekly Student Total Hours


Most hours totalled 111 hours

Least hours totalled 59 hours

Sleep Weekly Total Hours



Most hours totalled 69.5 hours

Least hours totalled 42.5 hours

Average Sleep Time per week 58.7 hours

University Weekly Total Hours


Most hours totalled 59 hours

Least hours totalled 12 hours

Average Sleep Time per week 25.7 hours


As a class our we get up at a reasonable time around 9am to 10 am sleeping well with range of the recommended sleep time. Though the amount of time we sleep takes a large portion of the day away from University. As student we work consistently throughout the day slowing growing with a few dips here are there until it is time for sleep. The amount of time we allocate towards University falls short unfortunately whilst is it close to the statement made by the Washington post as a class average we only out on 14.3 hours of the 40 we’re expected to conducted. I believe that this statement holds some truth but is not as bad as what it is perceived to be with our class as Western Sydney University.


Shepherd, J. (2012). University students spend no more time with lecturers than six years ago.the Guardian. Retrieved 17 October 2016, from

Vise, D. (2012). Is college too easy? As study time falls, debate rises. Washington Post. Retrieved 17 October 2016, from


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