In this talk we get insight to how data visualisation impact on storytelling through the use of facts, statistics and numbers. The connections made has the ability to impact views and perceptions of viewers.


Ballon Race (TedGlobal, 2010)

David McCandless talks about many different visualisations that he has created, one of the visualisations discussed was on the topic of health. It was an analysis of supplements in relation to the evidence surrounding its benefits they provide. The higher up a bubble the more evidence supporting evidence there was available, the size of the circle indicates the amount of google hits it has received essentially how times has the topic been visited.

What I liked about this was how it was able to achieve and compress all the data available into a visualisation that is simple and easy to use. The incorporation of relative figures easily leads the viewer to rethink about supplement choices.

Design information so that it makes sense tells a story or only focuses that information that is important – David McCandless

What I took away from this lecture was that data visualisation can be beautiful but it also has the ability to tell stories and change perspectives. Viewers to easily digest information and quickly find the answer to their questions much more efficiently.


TedGlobal,. (2010). David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization. Retrieved from


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